The Motorsport Facilities are intended to be a National Centre for Motorsport excellence based here in the heart of Taranaki.

The facilities will be able to provide new and exciting events covering multiple motorsport categories including:

  • Driver Training 
  • Track Days
  • Club Days
  • Speedway Track 
  • Circuit Track
  • Drag Strip
  • Burnout pad
  • Ray Cars 
  • Off Road
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Hire 
  • Garages 
  • Motor Museum

The Motorsport Facilities will be Governed by the Taranaki Motorsport Facility Charitable Trust (TMT) Made up from the following Strategic Partnership.

The Motorsport stakeholders are driven by a collective passion to bring Motorsport excellence to the region and to build a strong legacy for future generations.

Capital Raise


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

“We have dreamed of one day having a National Track here in the region and it is looking like that is going to be a reality” Said Philip Macey Acting Chairman of the Stratford Park Steering Committee and a motorsport enthusiast. “So many of our members have already given so generously to this project we are overwhelmed by their support”

The Taranaki Motorsport Facility Charitable Trust (TMT) are looking to fundraise the $4million to acquire the final land (36 hectares) needed for the motorsport park – Stratford Park currently have 65 Hectares purchased.

This land is currently owned by the Gilbert Family who have agreed to sell us 18 Hectares (under contract until April 2022)  and the final 18 Hectares on the first right of refusal.

Contact Philip Macey for more information


  • No interest for 10 years
  • Then annually at reserve bank rate plus 1%
  • Payable in full on the following basis
    • On the wind up of the Trust
    • On the cessation of all motorsport activities
    • On the sale of the properties

For more information download our pack.

Final Piece of Land Secured to ensure Motorsport Park Go Ahead.

The Taranaki Motorsport Facility Trust are thrilled to announce that as of the 1st of July they will take ownership of the final 36 acres of land needed to ensure the Motorsport Park Facilities can be formed in full Philip Macey says that “Jim & Nola have been huge supporters of the project and share our vision, we thank them for their support in achieving our goals”. Within the motorsport facility there are plans for a drag strip, speedway, circuit (rally and tarmac), museum and workshops. A key part of the complex will be a driver training facility aimed at all forms of vehicles from motorbikes to heavy vehicles and forklifts.

The Trust would sincerely like to thank all those supporters that help raise the funds needed to ensure this purchase went ahead. The Trust raised the funds required from a group of local Taranaki people who also share the vision for creating a facility that will support Taranaki and Stratford for many generations. Philip says ‘ without people who share our strategic and community focused thinking this project would not succeed. We cannot thank them enough for their support.’