Community and Environment

At the heart of the Stratford Park project is our commitment to our local Community of Stratford and the wider Taranaki Community.

Our main Driver throughout this process of creating Stratford Park is to build a strong legacy for future generations. We want to deliver a platform that supports, develops and grows our people, our businesses and our communities

We want to create a space that brings our communities together. One that enables them to be engaged with the activities and events at the park but also that is accessible to them 365 days a year.
We hope that the park will encourage aspirations of success within our communities by providing growth opportunities, education, cultural engagement and shared knowledge.

Working with the local Council, Schools, Community Groups, WITT and IWI, we are in the process of creating a community engagement plan to ask YOU what you would like to see at the Park and how you would like to access it.

If you want to be involved in our Community Engagement Plan contact us here.