About the Project


To develop a facility that elevates the town of Stratford and the region of Taranaki, to the people of New Zealand and around the world. We hope this project that will continue to support and nourish the people in the region for the next 100 years


We are transforming Stratford Park to be alive, through experiences, events and activities that are underpinned with a critical green infrastructure and sustainable resources. We aim to deliver an experience in such a way that locals and visitors are inspired and exhilarated by the unique welcome of Stratford Park, Te Maunga, the local community and it’s people. It is our desire that the Community can develop in a relationship with Stratford Park, and thrive from the exchanges between people and place, over the next 150 years


After 110 years of shows and showgrounds, events, stockcar racing and leading edge farming/ learning the Park is reflecting and aiming to regenerate itself as world leading indispensable events and activity venue, offering value to Stratford, Visitors and the whole of NZ.

It will be an exemplary facility and attraction, sustaining itself, visitors, the Town and the local ecosystem. Evolving over the next 150 years it will help the community thrive through global and local challenges.

The A&P Events Grounds